Mastiff Stubbornness - How to Handle This Problem

Training your Mastiff can be difficult because of how stubborn of a dog that they can be. I know that for my boy it was difficult because he would always want to be doing his own thing rather than what I wanted him to do. I know that once I figured out how to handle this stubborn Mastiff behavior I was able to get him trained to the point that he would listen to me and do anything that I would tell him to do. Having him trained to this point is very nice because then I know that he will listen to me at the most important times. Here are some tips that can help you train your stubborn Mastiff.

The first tip that can help you out the most is to make sure that your dog knows that you are the boss. I know this can be hard, but the way that I found to do this is by an exercise where you sit in a chair with your Mastiff's leash in your hand and they are attached to it.

Then you will stay in the chair playing a video game, reading a book, paying bills, or something like that while they lay down next to you. Then you will sit like this for a half hour or so and only start the timing count after they have laid down and decided to sit there. I know that after five minutes my Mastiff would lay down and go to sleep for the time so it was fairly easy.

Tara currently owns one English Mastiff who is a giant baby. He is a very loving and caring dog for her children and does wonders in helping keep the children in the yard when they are outside playing. He is so well trained that he even listens to the children when they are around him. You can find a solution to help your mastiffs behavior at

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